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Panthers uKNIGHTed

7 Houses

ONE Team

This year, we are incorporating a house-system to promote positive student behavior, achievement, teamwork, and FRIENDLY competition.  Students will be sorted into one of four (4) houses where they will remain for the year.  Houses will be comprised of students from Kindergarten through 8th grade based upon their classroom (or) homeroom teacher.  Houses will work together throughout the year to compete in academic and behavioral competitions, called HOUSE JOUSTS, which will be announced randomly once a month.  These House Jousts will be announced during Morning Ceremonies and Broadcast News and the competition will begin from that point forward until the date announced as “Joust Day”. 

Teachers are encouraged to work together with their house colleagues to strategize and the “Winning House” will be celebrated at morning ceremonies and on the MS Morning Newscast with the Sword of Success and another small prize.  The dop classroom from the winning house will present their teacher to be “knighted” during the Morning Ceremony and the most “knighted” class and teacher will receive an ultimate end of year prize.

In order to instill House Pride and cultivate friendly competition, students will be able to purchase vinyl decals with their house logo (one of the STEAM elements) to be added to the sleeves of their Spirit shirts, which will be worn each Spirit Day.  The more families supporting our Renaissance efforts, the more funds we will have available to celebrate House success!

We are looking forward to watching our students and staff conquer the 2018-19 school year,

All for one, and one for all!

Admin Team (House Huzzah!)