Student Attendance Policies



Any student arriving after 8:00am must be signed in by a parent in the front office as tardy at the parent computer station.

Students arriving to school after 8:00am without a parent will not be permitted to go to class until their parent signs them in on campus.

Students in vehicles that arrive to car loop before 8:00am report directly to class, however all other students who arrive after 8:00am must adhere to this new policy.​​​​​​​



In addition to the K-8 policy outlined above, our middle school students will be held to a higher standard of responsibility this year.  We will be implementing a middle school Tardy Sweep Policy to encourage students to be in their 2nd through 6th period classes on time.

Administration will conduct random Tardy Sweeps once per week. Students will be issued one (1) Tardy Sweep Warning, which will include parent contact, for their 1st tardy sweep infraction. Students caught in subsequent Tardy Sweeps within the semester will be assigned after school detention. 

Although this policy is new, there is no need to fear! Campus reorganization has made it easy for all of our Panthers to have plenty of time to get to their next classes before the bell rings!

It is imperative that our secondary students understand the importance of punctuality and preparedness for college and career success, and this new policy will help students to develop a sense of urgency in developing these skills.


This form should be used when you know, in advance, that your student(s) will be absent from school.  Pre-Arranged Absence Forms allow teachers and our Attendance Office to plan for a student’s absence.  This form must be completed by a parent/guardian and signed by your student’s grade-level (or) homeroom teacher BEFORE returning to the Registrar’s office.  This form must be completed, signed and returned a minimum of three (3) days prior to the student’s absence from school.  Failure to submit this form in the time allotted will result in the absence recorded as “unexcused”.  Submission of a Pre-Arranged Absence Form does not guarantee the absence(s) will be "excused". 



This form should be used when a student is unexpectedly absent from school (EX: illness, injury, family emergency, etc.) or must be absent for a medical appointment not previously submitted as “pre-arranged”.  Student absence forms must be completed and signed by a parent/guardian and returned to the Registrar’s office within three (3) days of your student’s return to school.  A doctor’s note may be required to accompany the form upon your student’s return.



Pinecrest Academy of Nevada allows for a maximum of ten (10) student absences per school year; excessive or habitual absences may result in disciplinary action.  If your student has a medical condition that may require absences exceeding the standard set forth in this policy, you must contact an administrator to provide additional information necessary to accommodate your student’s medical and educational needs. 

For students in grades K-2 please contact (Theresa.Elder@pinecrestnv.org); for students in grades 3-5, please contact (Amy.Barbine@pinecrestnv.org) and for students in 6-8, please contact (Nicole.Moreno@pinecrestnv.org).   Administrative notification is only required for student medical conditions that will (or may) require excessive or extended student absences from school. 


All other questions regarding student attendance or absences should be directed to St.Rose.Info@pinecrestnv.org.