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St. Rose


Pinecrest St. Rose is proud to offer a variety of extracurricular sports activities to our students and families.  We will be working with a new sports provider for the 2018-2019 school year.  Oracle Athletics, a division of Nevada Youth Sports (NYS) will be offering their sports programming to our campus beginning fall 2018 under the leadership of the NCSAA (Nevada Charter School Sports Association).  Our sports program runs seasonally and not all sports are offered throughout the academic year.  Click on the sport your student is interested in for more detailed information.

 Please note that we hold our student athletes to a high standard of academic excellence and exceptional behavior.  Participants are students first and athletes second. Prospective athletes must provide an ‘Academic & Behavior Waiver’ signed by his/her instructor(s) prior to becoming eligible for participation.

If a student is unable to maintain a 2.0 (grade C) or better in all core academic areas during the sports season, the student will become ineligible to play, placed on temporary team suspension and given an opportunity to raise the grade. If the grade is not raised within an agreed upon time (between teacher(s) and coaches), the athlete will be removed from the team roster. 

Any athlete participating in an activity or engaging in personal conduct that results in disciplinary action will become ineligible to play and will be removed from the team roster.

Our coaches often seek volunteer assistance during each season – this is a great way to complete the required parent volunteer hours! 

Should a student choose to drop out of a sport or become ineligible to participate, the student will not be able to return to that sport during that season.  Refunds will not be given.

 ***No refunds will be issued for sports-related or uniform fees***

 When noted, please contact the coach in charge of each sport.  If you have additional questions or concerns, you may contact:


We look forward to watching our Panthers ROAR into action with each new season! 

Students remaining on campus after our regular dismissal (3:00pm-3:30pm) must be signed out by a person authorized to pick up the student on their afterschool form.  Students may be signed out through the front office or directly with the coach.

We do not allow students to leave through the side doors of the campus, the car loop gates, or walk off campus unsupervised.  These policies help us insure student safety and therefore, must be followed and enforced. 

Students who are not able to comply with the policies of our programs will not be allowed to continue to participate in the extracurricular programs we offer.

Athlete Physical Examinations: GRADES K-5

Pre-season physical examinations are recommended for student athletes in grades K-5; however, they are not mandatory.  Parents/guardians have the option to sign a medical release waiver in lieu of having a physician perform a pre-season examination.  It is important to understand that signing this waiver is an acknowledgement that your student athlete is in good physical health and can fully participate in team activities without verification from a licensed physician.  


Athlete Physical Examinations: GRADES 6-8

Pre-season physical examinations are MANDATORY for all student athletes in grades 6-8.Students will not be eligible to participate in any league activity without a completed physical examination form on file.