Before/After School Programs


BEFORE SCHOOL CARE                   6:00am – 7:30am

All students arriving on campus before 7:30am must report to TEAMS Before Care.  Students MUST BE SIGNED IN by an adult and may not be dropped off to linger on campus until 7:30.  Students found on campus prior to 7:30am will be escorted by a staff member into the TEAMS program and parent accounts will be charged accordingly.  $50.00 TEAMS enrollment will be charged for each student (one-time, annually) using TEAMS child care or participating in after-school sports or activities.

$4.00                                             Per Student / Per Morning (charges apply until 7:29am)  


AFTER SCHOOL CARE                      3:30pm – 6:00pm

All students remaining on campus after 3:30pm will be escorted to TEAMS After Care.  Students may not be left to loiter on campus unattended.  If your student walks or rides a bicycle, he/she will need to leave the campus immediately at 3:00pm.  No student is allowed to walk or ride off campus after 3:30pm.  Parent accounts will be charged accordingly for students escorted to TEAMS care.  Charges apply at 3:31pm and will be rounded to the next hour. 

3:30 – 4:00     $3.00                Student Arrival | Snack | Social Time

4:00 – 5:00     $4.00**              Free Time/Recess Outside (4:30pm) | Homework

5:00 – 6:00     $3.00                Homework/Blended Learning | Computer Lab

 **Students attending clubs, classes or sports during this hour WILL NOT BE CHARGED the $4.00 for the time scheduled for the extracurricular activity.  Students RETURNING TO TEAMS after a club, class, or sport will be charged the $3.00 for the 5:00 – 6:00 hour if students are not picked up within five (5) minutes of club, class, or sport dismissal. 

TEAMS fees are calculated hourly and are rounded to the next hour.  If a student is picked up any time after the hour, the full charge will apply. (EX: Student is picked up at 4:10, $4.00 charge will apply for the 4:00pm – 5:00pm hour).



Late charges are applied to accounts beginning at 6:06pm.  Charges are applied per student.

We understand that emergencies happen; if you are unable to pick up your student by 6:00pm you must contact our office to advise of the delay.  Late fees will apply regardless of notification. 

Henderson Police will be contacted for any student(s) remaining on campus at 6:15pm without prior contact or notification of delay from a parent/guardian. 

Students picked up late on three (3) occasions are subject to removal from the TEAMS program.  Parent/guardian will be notified on each late pick up regarding ineligibility to return after the third occurrence.  All late fees must be paid prior to student’s return to the TEAMS program.  This includes BEFORE and AFTER CARE. 

 $20.00                              Applied at 6:06pm per student in attendance

$1.00                                 Per minute / per student in attendance after 6:06pm


DATA DAYS (EARLY DISMISSAL DAYS)                         12:00pm – 6:00pm

Students remaining on campus at 12:00pm on DATA DAYS (Early Dismissal Days) will be escorted to the TEAMS After Care Program.  Charges will apply at 12:01pm

Students will be given time to eat lunch at 12:00pm.  School lunches will be available for students on these days.

$25.00                                    Per student

DATA DAYS 2019                            DATA DAYS 2020

September 20                                                              January 17 

October 18                                                                   February 14

November 15                                                               March 20

December 20