Volunteer Policy


Pinecrest Academy of Nevada encourages families to get involved in their students’ education and maintain an active role in supporting student success.  To accomplish this, Pinecrest Academy St. Rose asks that adult family members volunteer on campus or on field trips each school year.


Nevada Senate Bill 185 outlines newly mandated state requirements for all school volunteers which include background checks and fingerprinting for adult volunteers who will interact with students before, during, after, and outside of the school day for school-sanctioned events, field trips, or sports.  Volunteers included in SB185: classroom & teacher support, field trip chaperones, coaches, PTO, and event support participants.  


Under SB185, volunteers must submit to a background check and fingerprinting prior to volunteering at a school four (4) or more times in one (1) month, once a week for four (4) consecutive weeks, overnight on a field trip, or in an "unsupervised" capacity; while “unsupervised” interaction is not detailed within the verbiage of the bill, Pinecrest Academy of Nevada, to include the St. Rose campus, has elected to enforce the strongest interpretation of the bill’s context and will require all volunteers fitting the above criteria to submit to background checks and fingerprinting prior to interacting with our students. 


UPDATE 9/11/2019: Pinecrest Academy of Nevada has revised the fingerprinting policy for on-campus volunteers.  There will no longer be a mandatory fingerprinting/background check required for volunteers working on campus; this update eliminates the portion of SB185 previously mandating checks for "volunteering at a school four (4) or more times in one (1) month, once a week for four (4) consecutive weeks".

​​​​​​​Background checks are still required for ALL Pinecrest St. Rose field trips.


Results may take 2-5 weeks depending on submission volume at the state processing level; parents, guardians, and adult family members may not volunteer on campus, coach, or chaperone field trips until results have been received.  There are no exceptions to this policy


Pinecrest Academy of Nevada is contracted with one (1) local vendor in Las Vegas to process all volunteers for our campuses; only results from our contracted vendor will be accepted.


Please do not submit your background or fingerprints to an alternate agency as they will not be valid for volunteering with our students.  This includes prior military, local, state, and federal background clearance. 


Currently licensed CCSD employees are exempt from additional background/fingerprint processing.  Current license or identification must be presented in the front office prior to volunteering. 


Background checks and fingerprinting will be processed at the volunteer’s expense at an average cost of $50 per volunteer. 


Receipts may be shown at the front office to earn five (5) volunteer hours in exchange for the initial expense.  Once approved, volunteer status will be valid for five (5) consecutive years and will not need to be renewed until 2024


Questions may be directed to:  Lisa.Cunningham@pinecrestnv.org


Thank you!