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Volunteer Policy

To ensure your child’s success at school, it is imperative that you demonstrate commitment to your child’s education. Pinecrest Academy of Nevada prides itself on the success of our students and therefore, encourages parents/guardians to become active stakeholders in their child’s future. Together, we are making a difference for your child at Pinecrest Academy.


All Pinecrest Academy parents/guardians are encouraged to volunteer in their children’s classes and at the school.


You can volunteer through many different means. This can be achieved by academically helping students at the school, getting involved with school activities and events, or through monetary donations.


Any parent/guardian who would like to volunteer in the classroom or on campus must inform Ms. Janeen Peasley prior to volunteering. (


Any parent/guardian who would like to volunteer in the sports program must inform Mrs. Cunningham prior to volunteering. (


Parents/visitors must sign-in at the main office and obtain a visitor’s pass. In order to ensure the safety of all of our students, NO PARENTS/VISITORS WILL BE ALLOWED BEYOND THE MAIN OFFICE WITHOUT A VISITOR’S PASS.


Due to liability and insurance restrictions, children not enrolled at our campus are not permitted to accompany parents who are volunteering.


It is the responsibility of the parent to communicate with the front office when volunteering.


***NEW LEGISLATION*** requires that any adult volunteering at a school facility or coming in contact with students 4 or more times per month, or who volunteers in 4 consecutive weeks, or who will have direct unsupervised contact with students must undergo a background investigation. Volunteers meeting or exceeding this schedule will need to obtain a Fingerprint Waiver from the front desk during normal business hours. Once the form is filled in by the volunteer, it must be returned to the office. Volunteers must wait to be notified by the school before proceeding to our contracted vendor for processing. Fingerprint costs are at the volunteer’s expense.


Volunteers must be processed by our contracted vendor; other background check results will not be accepted. The only exception to the fingerprint policy is a volunteer holding an active and current license through CCSD. All other agencies – including federal, state, and local government jobs, emergency responders, etc. do not qualify.


Procedures for volunteering on campus:


1. Parent Volunteer Policy in your registration form is acknowledged electronically.


2. Contact school Volunteer Coordinator to determine the date, location and approximate time of volunteer service.


3. The classroom teacher must provide the Volunteer Coordinator with the volunteer information at least 24 hours prior to the visit.


4. Present valid identification to the office staff in order to obtain a visitor’s pass.


Procedures for volunteering in the athletic program or overnight field trips:


1. All volunteers for the athletic program or overnight field trips MUST submit to fingerprinting and a background check. NO EXCEPTIONS. This process is specific to the program/event you will volunteer for on our campus; previous fingerprinting (or) background checks WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED as verification of eligibility. The only exception to this rule is a CURRENT teaching license on file with the state of Nevada.


2. Volunteers/chaperones will be notified of their participation by a staff member.


3. Volunteers/chaperones will complete a background check waiver and return this waiver to the school.


4. Volunteers/chaperones will be notified when their names have been submitted to the fingerprinting company and they are able to proceed with the fingerprinting/background check process. DO NOT GO IN PRIOR TO NOTIFICATION; DO NOT GET FINGERPRINTED BY AN ALTERNATE COMPANY.


5. Once the fingerprinting/background check has been submitted through the fingerprinting company, volunteers/chaperones will be notified by a staff member of the results. DO NOT CONTACT THE FINGERPRINTING COMPANY FOR RESULTS; the company does not receive this information.


This fingerprinting/background check policy does not apply to parent volunteers who chaperone in-state or out-of-state day trips.