Enrollment/Lottery FAQ

**Open Enrollment for Pinecrest Academy St. Rose Campus**


Open enrollment begins on the first day students return from Winter Break and concludes the last day of February at 11:59am yearly.  Our lottery will be held at 12:01am on March 1st yearly.  If your student is accepted, you will be EMAILED an acceptance letter within 24-48 hours after the lottery, to the email addresses noted on your application only. Wait list numbers will be available within the week after we have held our lottery on our website by clicking on the App Status/Doc Upload button for the new school year.


Applications received after Open Enrollment (beginning on March 1st at midnight) will remain in a General Application Pool and are eligible for future lottery selection. Additional lotteries will be ran once we have exhausted our current wait list and as long as there is a General Application Pool.


Should your student receive acceptance for the upcoming/new school year, parents/guardians will be notified by email as noted above. The online registration and all registration documents must be submitted to the school within 72 hours of acceptance. If online registration form and documents are not submitted within 72 hours of acceptance, your student's spot will be released to the next student on the current wait list.


​​​​​​​*Please note that applications from this website are ONLY for the Pinecrest Academy St. Rose Campus located at 1385 E. Cactus Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89183.  If you would like to apply for another Pinecrest campus, please go to www.pinecrestnv.org and click on the campus you are interested in at the bottom of the homepage.


If you want more Lottery FAQs, please choose the "FAQ" button under or the "Enrollment Policy" under the About Us tab .



For all other questions please contact us at St.Rose.info@pinecrestnv.org.