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Greetings Panthers!

The 2019-2020 school year is heading your way with some truly PAWSOME updates and changes for our campus that we are excited to share with our families!

In addition to a new administrative team, we have implemented new tools and resources to make communication easier, more accessible, and more interactive.  One of these changes is the addition of Campus Advocate monitors throughout each of our Pinecrest campuses.  Not only do these touchscreen monitors enable our students, staff, and families quick and easy access to campus news and events, they offer a community marketplace where 25% of each purchase comes directly back to our school.  This is PAWSOME news for us and our families!

Campus Advocate has made it even easier for families to connect with us, shop, and keep up-to-date on campus events through their mobile app.  Parents can download the app for free by visiting this link: https://ourcampus.app.link/TMjhfnaIGX

Connect through Facebook: https://ourcampus.app.link/qHA8d9dIGX

The Our Campus app makes back-to-school shopping quick and easy with our St. Rose school supply lists at your fingertips!  You may purchase items individually or, scroll to the bottom of each list for a value-priced “bundle”.  Not only do we earn 25% from all sales, they will ship these items directly to your doorstep!  

Once you have logged in to the Our Campus app, click on SHOP – SCHOOL SUPPLIES – SUPPLIES BY GRADE to view your student’s list for the year. Supply lists can be viewed on our website under FAMILIES – SUPPLY LISTS – by grade. 

The Our Campus app aims to offer families several shopping options to help raise funds for our school; you will find a large selection of clothing in both the APPAREL and SCHOOL UNIFORM subcategories available for purchase, however, some of these items are not considered part of the approved school uniform.  Campus Advocate/Our Campus offers items to a variety of schools and, by default, these items are available to all subscribers.  If you wish to purchase uniform items through the app, please be sure shorts, skorts, skirts, and pants are navy or khaki only.  Black is not an approved St. Rose uniform color. Polos must be purchased through All Uniform Wear and embroidered with our St. Rose crest. 

Our Campus offers many other exciting products to choose from so log on and start shopping today! 

Posted on July 1, 2019 • Updated on July 8, 2019